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Abbreviated Adult Program

Pass Your Driving Test with Expert Guidance

Take your driving test with the confidence gained from Myers Driving School.

This program is for adults, 18-years of age and older, who have never obtained a drivers license before and have failed their first attempt at the maneuverability and/or road test. The state requires these individuals to take an Abbreviated Adult Training Course. The course will consist of one of the following:

  • 4-hours of classroom and 4-hours of behind the wheel training (which will include a 20-minute driving evaluation) with a licensed instructor; or
  • 4-hours of classroom and 24-hours of driving with a licensed driver, 21-years of age or older

Regardless of the option you choose, we do offer the use of one of our vehicles for your driving test. One of our instructors will pick you up early on test day to practice, take you for your driving test and return you to your home afterward. Just call our office for pricing and details!

Adults who opt to complete the driving portion of their course with a licensed driver 21-years of age or older cannot complete more than four hours of the required 24-hours of driving in one day. The behind-the-wheel training portion of the course may not begin until the 4-hour class is completed.

Abbreviated Adult Program Pricing

Adult Abbreviated Classroom Only
  • Regular Price - $120
  • Current Special - $100
Adult Abbreviated Complete
  • Regular Price - $325
  • Current Special - $305
Adult Abbreviated Driving Only
(online class)
  • $255

*Students must show a state approved photo ID in order to attend class.

*Original online classroom Certificate of Completion must be given to the instructor at the start of the student's first BTW lesson.

All payments must be completed online or over the phone prior to the start date of class. NO IN PERSON PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

  • If a student does not attend their scheduled classroom session, arrives late, leaves early, or does not cancel a minimum of 24-hours prior to the start time of the class, they will be charged a $25 rescheduling fee. This fee must be paid before the class may be rescheduled.
  • If a student must cancel a scheduled driving appointment, the cancellation must be made directly with the assigned in-car driving instructor a minimum of 24-hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so and/or not appear for scheduled lessons and/or be properly prepared to take the scheduled lesson will result in an additional fee of $60.00.
  • This fee must be paid before any additional lessons may be scheduled.


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